Privacy Policy

Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC puts a high value on your privacy. This Privacy Policy details our policy practices regarding the following: collection, retention, usage as well as disclosure of personally-identifying information when you avail of our Service. This also includes other information and processes related to those data.

All procedures included in information processing that we perform on the personal data we collect and receive are aligned, consistent, and in accordance with the data protection legislation and regulation of which includes the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC takes responsibility for any activities associated with the control of all personal data that we collect as we comply in serving the purposes of the laws and legislation aforementioned. Our Service's utility shall serve as the representation of the visitor's or user's agreement regarding the collection and usage of data of which covers any personal information in accordance with the purposes of this policy.

All Service users as well as clients of Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC are required to adhere to all the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy. All rights of removing, adding, or making any type of modification on the details conveyed in this Privacy Policy are reserved for Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC. Any and all changes made in this policy are considered effective once posted.

Effective Date: July 10, 2018

  1. Information Collection and Use
  2. Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC may collect personal information through emails, online forms such as our Contact Us form as well as Review form, and other social media platforms.

    We may collect data of different types and nature for the purpose of improving our Service in providing our users and clients with a better experience. This may also serve the purpose of enhancing and improving our marketing strategies as well as efforts to expand our scope in providing our Service.

    We will not, in any way, disclose your personal information to a third party or without your prior notice, unless you authorize Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC to do so in the event that information sharing is required or necessary.

    Types of Data Collected
    1. Personal Data
    2. While navigating or using our Service, you may be prompted to provide information. This includes personal data which may be used to identify and contact you. The personally-identifiable information we collect are, but not limited to, the following:

      1. Email address
      2. First name and Last name
      3. Phone Number
      4. Address, State, Province, ZIP/Postal code,City

    3. Usage Data
    4. Apart from the collection of personal information, we may also collect data that describe when and how our Service was accessed through the use of cookies. This type of information is called “usage data” which identifies you as a “user” based on the manner or behavior by which you navigated and used our Service. We may collect usage data that include, but are not limited to, the following:

      • User’s device information
      • User’s browser information (browser name, browser version)
      • User’s browsing history
      • User computer’s internet protocol (IP) address
      • User’s date and time of visit
      • User’s time spent on each visited page
      • Unique device identifiers

  3. Cookies Policy
  4. Lennys Parking & Flagging, LLC uses cookies to optimize user experience and improve our services in the future.

    Cookies are considered as chunks of data used in gathering information through the user’s chosen device. Once a user enters our website, cookies are sent to the user’s chosen device such as a phone, a desktop, or a laptop. Once cookies have been sent, they are then stored in that device and then sent back to our server.

    Cookies are vital in the development of a better user experience. These pieces of information collected through the cookies can be used to further improve the interface of the website for the user. In order to do so, cookies are used to track data related to the individual user such as the number of visits, the amount of time the user stays on the website, and customized settings. The data gathered by our cookies may contain (but are not limited to):

    • User Preferences
    • Recent Visits
    • Frequency Visits
    • Degree of Activity
    • Information provided by the user on our forums and forms

    Users have the option to decline cookies at any given time. However, declining such cookies may result in limited user experiences (some features of the website might not work properly).

    Common types of cookies we use:

    • Session Cookies. Session cookies, or “transient cookies”, track a user’s sessions during a visit to our website. These cookies are stored only temporarily during the session and are eventually erased once the user shuts down or closes his/her browser.

    • Preference Cookies. These types of cookies are used to remember a user’s chosen preference on the website. This includes the user’s preferred settings. These cookies are stored and saved in order to be used again once the user visits the website at a later date or time.

    • Security Cookies. These cookies are used for the purpose of securing the data and information of the user in relation to using our Service.

    Apart from using cookies, we also utilize tracking software to monitor activities on our website. We may use beacons, scripts, and tags in order to improve the overall user experience.

  5. How We Collect Your Personal Data
  6. We collect personal information directly from you while using our service. These include but not limited to the following:

    • While navigating our website, we may ask you to provide data.
    • We collect your personal information when you contact us via our website or submit feedbacks and reviews.
    • We will prompt you to accept cookies to track and collect information.
    • We will collect personal data when you provide the information by filling in our online forms
    • When you visit our website or avail of our service, usage data will be automatically collected.

  7. Use of Data
  8. We use all collected data and personal information to help improve our customer service and provide a better overall experience. Information gathered may be used to improve our web content, customer communication, and support systems. Such gathered data can also undergo analyses for the purpose of helping us create resolutions for technical issues and making it easier for us to prevent them.

  9. Transfer of Data
  10. The use of our Service is to be considered as your agreement for us to transfer and store data and personal information to our databases in the United States. By submitting information online, you hereby agree for the information to be retained outside your country or governmental jurisdiction in cases that it may be required.

    Lenny's Parking & Flagging, LLC does not provide or share your personal information with any third-party organization, unless your personal information is fully secured and that you have given the consent for us to do. We ensure that we will give strong security to your personal data during transfer processes.

  11. Disclosure of Data
    1. Legal Requirements

      1. Lenny's Parking & Flagging, LLC will only disclose your information in the event that such action is necessary:
        • For adherence to legal obligations
        • For defense and protection to the rights and/or properties of Lenny's Parking & Flagging, LLC
        • For the avoidance of anomalous issues associated with our Service
        • For the safety of every user of our Service or the public
        • For protection or safety against legal liabilities

  12. Security of Data
  13. Lenny's Parking & Flagging, LLC guarantees to take the legal steps necessary in order to ensure the safety of any information that we gather, including personal and usage data. However, you are being informed and have to be aware that any transactions and data transmission performed across the online network or the Internet cannot be guaranteed as completely secure.

  14. Service Providers
  15. Lenny's Parking & Flagging, LLC may use services provided by third-party companies in order to assist us in improving our Service for our system users. We may also employ individual service providers for the facility of our Service which may include tasks such as providing service on our behalf or assisting us in the analysis of usage data.

    All third-parties that we’ll need in connection to our Service may have access to your personal information; however, they are strictly responsible not to share or disclose your information or utilize your data for any other purpose apart from the tasks they perform on our behalf.

    1. Analytics

      1. We utilize and maximize the service of Google Analytics in order to track website traffic. This information can assist us in the analysis of user actions by which we can align the actions we should take in improving our Service. Google offers Google Analytics as a freemium web analytics to serve this very purpose. You can check and read their privacy policy here.

      2. Google Analytics collects information such as:
        • User’s application programs, device, browsers and their versions
        • User’s activity & behavior on our Service
        • User computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address

  16. Links to Other Sites
  17. Our Service may contain several links that can lead you to third-party and/or external websites which are not governed by our Privacy Policy. In this case, we do not have any responsibilities on the data that these websites collect as it is already outside of our control.

    For the safety of your personal data and information, we advise you to take necessary precautions and thoroughly examine the website’s Privacy Policy as it differs from the Privacy Policy of other websites.

  18. How to Contact Lenny’s Parking and Flagging, LLC.
  19. For any concerns and questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us through 347-913-4212 or 866-326-0008. You can also reach us through sending us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.